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SkyDog Thunderstruck Stunt Kite in Rainbow Color

SkyDog Thunderstruck

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The SkyDog Thunderstruck is my most recommended first two line stunt kite. Designed by Dodd Gross, it is obvious why it has such good flying characteristics. This is the perfect place to start. Intermediate flyers will enjoy the Thundestruck stunt kite as well.   This kite is perfect for the beach or city park.  Anywhere there is a breeze and some open space.  Fiberglass frame and and deep sail,  this kite will give you a true feeling and nice introduction into sport kites.  Ready to fly with everything you need in one excellent package.

Dimensions: 69.5" x 27.5"
Materials: Ripstop Nylon Sail/6mm Fiberglass Tube Frame
Skill Level: Novice - Intermediate
Wind Range: 4-20mph
Line Set: 25kg/20m Braided Polyester on winder with fly straps


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