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Revolution Reflex XX Quad Line Stunt Kite

Revolution Reflex XX Quad Line Stunt Kite

$ 299.00

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The Revolution Reflex is an amazing new model from the best stunt kite manufacturer on the market.  It is toned down slightly from some of the other models (not enough to really notice unless you have been flying these for years).  For someone starting out,  this is a great benefit.   For someone like me,  I like it much better.   Its easier to fly and will fly in very little wind.   The Carbon Fiber handles are a nice bonus when ordering the complete package.    This kite comes with the Green Race Rods which are my favorite spar package.   

New 2019 Color Schemes

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Amazing dead Launch
Impressive Light wind flying (0-8), and a Huge Wind Window.
In winds over 8 mph, more power, more fun (than 1.5 sail size).
Like getting 2 kites in One-Reflex.
Super Stable! The Reflex wants to Hover
( larger sail, bigger wingspan)
“New to Revs” entry level. The Reflex is so stable, it gives you time to think.
Learn the Important skill of Hovering much quicker. The speed control is a
major advantage to practicing your flying skills. Stability and the big
wind range makes learning to fly Fun in even light winds !!
Love the Dead Launch ability.

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New larger size sail 98” LE x 33” Vertical. Icarex polyester sail, with a
No-fray LE, and custom End plugs. Strategically reinforced pattern
design, with an optimized panel lay-out for maximum performance and
efficient flight. New custom framing (5/16” ID) designed specifically for
this sail, and a Free shaft is included. New Carbon Light Handles with
multi-knot settings, and a Reflex set-up and feature highlight dvd.
4 color choices. All have the signature White and Black panels.
Red/ Blue, Fabulous Red, Sunset Yellow/ Orange, and Lime/ Purple.
Custom Reflex sleeve/bag. Kite Only weight is less than 9 oz.

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