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Prism e3 Stunt Kite

Prism e3 Stunt Kite

$ 159.95 $ 209.00


For intermediate to Expert Level flyers.  The e3 is the absolute best stunt kite there is from Prism.  The kite is a thing of beauty in the air.


■Rock-steady precision and tracking

■Fresh new graphics

■New wing profile and geometry excels at yo-yo’s and the latest tricks

■Removable and adjustable spine weight lets you change the center of gravity for your flying style and wind conditions

■Complete package includes Spectra™ lineset and winder, flight straps, Yo-Yo stoppers, and spine weight

■Shares most frame parts and fittings with E2 for easy repairs


E3 Specs

Skill Level Intermediate - Advanced

Wing Span 91" (231 cm)

Wind Range 3 - 25 mph (5 - 40 kmh)

Speed Moderate - Fast

Pull Medium

Frame SkyShark P100, P200 Wrapped Carbon

Sail Icarex Polyester, Mylar Laminate

Flying Lines 85' x 150 lbs Spectra™ (26 m x 68 kg)

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