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Peter Lynn Twister 4 Line Power Kite 3m size

Peter Lynn Twister

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Peter Lynn Twister is a High Powered Power Kite. 2017 has new color schemes and small refinements but overall the kite characteristics have remained unchanged throught the years.  A 4m Twister version 1 was my very first power kite.  A 2m Hornet complimented the pair for the windier days.  It has plenty of lift and is touted as a Jumping kite by Peter Lynn. If you must jump, this is the kite for you, though I dont recommend jumping at all. It is also a great Power Kite for Kitercising which is a type of exercise using a kite. My very first kite was a 4m Twister.  I flew it for years along with a more modest 2m Hornet.  I almost always have a twister available for my to fly.  Its an impressive kite!


Amazing stability

The Peter Lynn Twister is hands down the best option to get into some serious kite jumping.

As kite jumping is an extreme sport, the Twister was designed to be as stable and reliable as possible. The Twister’s innovative design retains the awesome flight characteristics the series is famous for, while at the same time minimizing the chance of luffing or collapsing.


The Peter Lynn Twister is a very agile and powerful kite. It has good lift for high jumps, great for landboarding, snowkiting, freestyle buggying or just power kiting. The Peter Lynn Twister has great performance but its power remains constant and manageable.
The new Dyneema bridle ensures the kite to have even less drag than before, giving the Twister an excellent flying speed.
Features of the Twister • High performance profile for good power and lift.
• 40D Mirai top and bottom skin, 70D Mirai profiles.
• Webbing to reinforce cross-vents, improving durability.
• Webbing in LE to reinforce the air intakes.
• The bottom skin is attached to the profiles using a double stitched seam, reinforcing
the bridle points.
• Stitched Dyneema bridle.
• Dirt channel in the trailing edge, to allow sand and other dirt to go from the center
cells to the tips for easy cleaning.
• Velcro dirtouts in the tips, to remove sand and other dirt from the kite.
• Velcro bridle loop, to secure your bridle and prevent it from getting tangled when
packing up.
• New 4-line handles.
• New bag design.



I received the twister 4M on Monday from you and finally got it in the air last night.  The wind was averaging about 4-5 and gusting to about 7-8.  I really didn’t think it would fly very well and boy was I wrong.  I had a blast!  I’ve never been pulled around by a kite like that before.  A friend of mine had a new tensor 4.0 that he flew yesterday as well, I didn’t think it had anywhere near the pull the twister did.   He was struggling to keep it in the air while the twister was yanking my fat butt all over that field.   I have to say it was quite the workout also.  About every ten minutes or so I had to stop and take a breather.  Just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation and quick service.  I’ll be back as a customer for sure!



Martin J

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