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Peter Lynn Reactor in Black/Red

Peter Lynn Reactor

$ 300.00 $ 803.00



The Peter Lynn Reactor has been revamped and is a wonderful Power kite for kite buggying. It really is in its element dragging a buggy across the fields and has plenty of power to get the job done.  the Reactor is my top go to kite when in the buggy.   It is equally fun flying static as well.   The Reactor has excellent upwind capability that will not leave you stranded anywhere.

Medium - high Variable Aspect Ratio (AR)
· Precision designed and Laser cut panels
· Double cross-vented profiles
· Diagonal ribs
· Porcher reinforcements inside the kite
· Double needle stitched seams
· Mirai fabric for top and bottom skin
· Profiles made from 70D fabric
· Carefully designed bridle pattern
· Dyneema bridles
· Spliced then stitched bridles
· Dual Velcro bridle loops
· Velcro outlets


The Reactor series is my best selling buggy kite.  Intermediate-Expert level skills suggested.  Once you master this kite,  you will literally fly circles around your friends flying lesser kites.


The Special order is simple.   you may email me and I will tell you how long it will be before my next order.   Usually I am in need of something else and will order your kite within a few days.  It takes 3-5 business days for me to get your kite depending on customs.  Then I ship it to you.  So do not hesitate on ordering one of these great kites.



Please note the pricing shows for a complete Reactor.  Ask me about kite only purchases.  Also,  the Reactor is a special order kite.  Please allow a few weeks for delivery.  I usually have a few sizes in stock listed on this page. 



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