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N Scale Train items

N Scale Train items

$ 3.00

I have a number of N scale Train items that are used that I am selling.   Most have very little wear on them.   They are either my personal stock,  or some I acquired from a bulk purchase.

My personal stock I ran 6 times at an N Trak train show.  Some boxes are scratched from handling/moving around.   They have been in storage for years.  (Climate controlled closet)
The bulk items I can barely see wear on any of the items.   But I cannot be sure of their use.   None of these items fit the theme/time period I am modeling...or are duplicates.

All items are AS IS.   No kite discounts may be used when purchasing trains.   Actual shipping price will be charged...the website will charge the standard shipping up front,  to be refunded when exact shipping is reached.   Please email me if you have any questions regarding any item or shipping.  Several Train cars can go into a usps flat rate box for $7.40 total shipping.


Here is how the numbering works.

1131001  The numbers represent Manufacturer,Coupler,Condition, Case, followed by a 3 digit stock number

For example.1131001 is an Atlas w Rapido Couplers in Lighly used condition with an original case.


Atlas 1
BevBel 2
ConCor 3
Kato 4
Rapido 5
Roundhouse 6

Micro Trains

Model Power 9
unknown 0


Rapido 1
Kato Kncukle 2
Micro Trains or compatible 3


Used - Like New 2
Used - light wear 3
Used - medium wear 4
Used - still rolling 5
Used - needs work



Yes - Original 1
No Case - Will bubble wrap 2
Not Original Case 9


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