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I am constantly building things with my 3d printer and decided to start making some stuff to share with you guys.  They are simple item,  and versatile.  I have test printed these items and tweaked them for usefulness on a layout.  Other items I have here are BLEMS.   BLEMS are prints that had some issue during the print.    They may still be of value for kitbashing projects. 

Most buildings are Multipurpose.  You may choose concrete or wood colored base which is fused with the wall system of a different color if you choose.    You have different variations of interior possibilities.  

features like 'almost through' pre drilled openings in the base make it easier to add lighting later. 


Side inserts for store 'advertising' are customizeable or also come with a blank if you want to glue a picture instead.  

Three House roof designs currently.  Shingles, corrugated, or with no texture so you can add your own more scale materials.  

This is paintable plastic PLA.   Krylon type paints cover great.   Please clean the plastic well before painting with acrylics,  (I have yet to try to paint beyond Krylon.

Some of the colors have a natural SHINE.   Hit it with some dullcoat or weather with chalks to knock the SHINE down.   

No 3d print is ever perfect.  Some spots may seem misprinted, and there may be an occasional burr.   This is expected.   If it is extremely noticeable,  I will put it in the BLEM pile.

Shipping on these items is USPS.   Most of the smaller items multiple items will fit in a small rate box for $7.20.    Larger items will have to go in larger boxes,  but the weight will keep the price reasonable.

ALL these are MADE TO ORDER except the BLEMS>   First come,  first served with the exception if I have a lot of 'roadway' orders,  I will print those together.  I will contact you for money several days before I print.  If you do not respond,  your order will be tossed out.

The Whataburger print for instance is about a 9 hour print Just for the main building with multiple color changes.  Then there is a base,  front wall,  and if wanted,  interior add ons.  


Country House - Intro offer $15
    Choose Base Color (Gray or wood).   Building and front fascia color.  and Roof color and Style. For the House,  the fascia is 'No Logo'    You can customize a logo for $2.  There are 4 'almost cutouts' on the bottom and separate rooms.   Put an image of a room on them to peek in the windows.  


Converted Storefront - $18

This building has Large Window Openings for displays.  There is a slot inside the front wall for 'install your own glass' to slip into.  that way,  you only need to tape or glue the top.  Likewise,  a picture would also slip in the same slot as shown below.   There is also a raised Window Display area if you wanted to put mannequins or something as a display.  Choose Base color gray or wood.   Store/fascia color,  Roof style/color.   The fascia and sides are custom for your design.  Color choice here too.  Fancy designs do not work well in N scale,  keep that in mind.


Whataburger w parking lot - This ONE combo - $35  Regular $30 for just Whataburger.   

Why am I selling this one...The height of the markings in the parking lot are too 'tall'.   (1 mm total)  Slight curl in back left corner.

Includes Restaurant 1  No drive thru
Restaurant 2 - Drive thru
Base around restaurant
4 booths

Add entire parking lot - $15-$20  specify size.  max 8x8. 
Add  8'Wall   $3 per side





Small Strip Mall  60mm deep x 189mm Wide x 40mm tall $30
Large Strip Mall  110mm deep x 189 mm Wide x 40mm tall $45


Concept at this point.  Includes 5 Customized Sign inserts.  Walls between stores.
Base/Main Building - one piece two colors.  Roof separate.   Signs can be different colors w text a different color.

Sign options
Background all one color / Text all one color (2 colors total) -$0
Background color / Text color different from other signs - $4 per combination


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