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Special Kite Orders

Special Kite Orders at Big Mikes Kites
There are so many kites available and each type is in its own Niche market.   There are kiteboarding kites for Water.   Buggy Kites for riding kite buggies.  DePower kites best suited for snow or land boards.   Power kites in general and also stunt kites,  Lifting kites, and line laundry.  Its near impossible to stock every type kite without Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in inventory.  I've tried and succeeded in some regard,  but also have had items sit for nearly a year without selling because it is such a niche sport.
So I'm moving to the selling of standard everyday sellers and leaving the rest of the kites as special order.  Special order kites will be higher end and specialty kites and those that are slower movers.  They will be kites that I cannot drop ship straight to you as I am the importer for them in most cases,  or I have a minimum volume I must have to place an order.
For these kites,  I will give you this promise.   Send me an Email Here requesting the kite(s) or items you are looking to get.  When I am about to place an order for something from that manufacturer,  I will contact you to see if you are still interested.  You do not have to pay until I am ready to order your kite.  I will then place the order,  and as soon as your item arrives,  I will send it your way.  Special orders over $1000 will receive a $100 discount for the wait.  Items below $1000 also receive a 10% discount for the convenience. 
Special Order kites include:
Peter Lynn Reactor - buggy kite
Peter Lynn Vapor - buggy kite
Peter Lynn Escape - Kiteboarding LEI Kite
Peter Lynn Fury - Kiteboarding LEI kite
Peter Lynn Voltage - Power Kite
Peter Lynn Lynx - DePower Kite
Peter Lynn Leopard - DePower Kite
Peter Lynn Charger - Kiteboarding and general purpose Arc
Peter Lynn Harnesses
Cross Kites Sonic