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Every few years,  Peter Lynn puts out new color schemes of their kites.  At times they also revamp kites or add some. 

If you want one of the new ones,  you must email me with what kite you are looking for.   I have to have a total from all interested parties of $3000 or more to place my pre order for these kites.  I will collect partial payment once I hit that amount,  then the balance upon arrival to me prior to shipment to you.  Pricing will be new 2016 pricing which is slightly above the full price of current models.  For pre orders,  I will sell them at current model pricing.  2 or more kites will get discounts.  Inquire with me.

Peter Lynn Skim - New Kite !!  Water relaunchable trainer (like the HQ Hydra)

Peter Lynn Hornet - New Color Schemes


Peter Lynn Twister - New Color Schemes