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Big Mike's Kites currently has some openings for festivals. We are willing to travel to your festival and bring the selection of kites necessary to make your festival a success. I have seen too many times where a city will try to sell kites on their own for fund raising. The problem is they dont know what sells, and they do not have the selection it takes to sell enough kites to make any money. Then they have leftover kites that they have to keep somewhere until next years festival. People that came quickly lose interest and leave.

With our proven setup, it is simple. You invite us, you concentrate on high value big selling items like food/drinks. We have the inventory to give everyone a choice of kites. They stick around because they have something to do. they buy your food and it is a big success.

I have several openings in the Spring and several more in the fall. I do not do festivals between July 4 and Sept 1. It is too hot in Texas. If you have something North and want to pay the gas/hotel, I will travel to a cooler climate during that time.  Email for more info

For new events,  we require a $500 payment to attend.  If it is a successful event then a portion will be refunded the first year.   Subsequent years for successful events will not require a payment. 

Big Mikes kites Festival store

Setup in Allen, TX

Inside the 'Store'

Newspaper article from the Dallas Festival 2014