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Revolution Reflex RX Yellow Quad Line Sport Kite

Revolution Reflex RX Quad Line Stunt Kite

$ 360.00 $ 365.00

Revolution Reflex

The Revolution Reflex RX is the slightly smaller version of the Reflex.  The same size as the popular classic series of kites. It is an amazing new model from the best stunt kite manufacturer on the market.   

 Revolution RX kites in Action

Size:  93" Leading Edge
5/16" Reflex Frame
Icarex Polyester Material
No Fray Leading Edge


No-fray LE, and custom End plugs. Strategically reinforced pattern
design, with an optimized panel lay-out for maximum performance and
efficient flight. New custom framing (5/16” ID) designed specifically for
this sail, and a Free shaft section is included. New Carbon Light Handles with
multi-knot settings, and a Reflex set-up and feature highlight dvd.
NOTE:  This is a NEW PRODUCT.  The images are supplied by the manufacturer and my actually vary slightly on buildout.  I will update these as soon as I get my first batch of Reflex RX kites arrives.  This Kite comes COMPLETE with Lines/Handles
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Note:  IN STOCK means I have it sitting here ready to ship next business day.  If it does not say IN STOCK,  it is available for drop shipping.  Allow a few extra days for processing.

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