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Peter Lynn Voltage Power Kite in Teal / Orange

Peter Lynn Voltage

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The Peter Lynn Voltage is one of the best kites in their incredible Lineup. Watch the Peter Lynn Voltage video links below and you will see. We've used this kite for buggying, kitercising, jumping, and landboarding. It does everything except water. Designed to be their most powerful fixed bridle kite it does live up to its reputation.  Its quick in flight and the larger sizes will fly in the very lightest of winds.

Medium - high Variable Aspect Ratio (AR)
· Precision designed and Laser cut panels
· Double cross-vented profiles
· Diagonal ribs
· Porcher reinforcements inside the kite
· Double needle stitched seams
· Mirai fabric for top and bottom skin
· Profiles made from 70D fabric
· Carefully designed bridle pattern
· Dyneema bridles
· Spliced then stitched bridles
· Dual Velcro bridle loops
· Velcro outlets

The Peter Lynn Voltage is a best seller for those who do a little of everything with their kites. The Voltage Kite has a high flying speed and you need to anticipate this as it approaches the edges of the wind window. Once you have it mastered, it will be one of your favorite kites in your arsenal.

NOW - These are the final Voltage Kites.   Get them while you can

Sold as Complete package,  lines/handles/ground stake/kite killers are included as part of the complete package.  If you are ordering a Special order,  you can save some money by ordering as kite only. 

The Special order is simple.   you may email me and I will tell you how long it will be before my next order.   Usually I am in need of something else and will order your kite within a few days.  It takes 3-5 business days for me to get your kite depending on customs.  Then I ship it to you.  So do not hesitate on ordering one of these great kites.


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