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Peter Lynn Radical Harness Side View

Peter Lynn Radical Harness

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The Radical seat harness is the harness you want if you are flying DePower kites. Convenient leash tie off D Rings are incorporated in this kite. There is a handle on the back to have someone aid you when launching. This is my harness of choice.  It is also an excellent fixed bridle harness.  Some don't like the handle on the back when buggying,  but I don't ever notice it.  If this bothers you,  the Peter Lynn Divine has clean lines for that unencumbered feel.

Peter Lynn Harness Sizes by Waist Size (Inches/US) 
The harnesses have become a specialty item with the exception of what is listed on this page.  They are available for Special Order and more information can be found on my special order page.
Sizes below are not exact. but a close guesstimate
Xs 25-30
S 31-35 Out of Stock
M 36-43
L 44-49 - Out of Stock - Ask about a slightly used one
Xl 50-55

The Radical comes with a spreader bar of your choice.  The Standard hook spreader,  the Bullet Wheel spreader which has up and down pivot motion.  And the Prodigy Wheel which has up and down and side to side pivot motion.

Standard Spreader - Use with DePower Kites or with a CrossOver bar.

Bullet Wheel Spreader - Use with a strop on a fixed bridle setup


Prodigy Wheel Spreader - use with a strop on a fixed bridle setup



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