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Peter Lynn Hornet 4 Line Power Kite 2m size

Peter Lynn Hornet

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The Peter Lynn Hornet is one of the absolute best entry level power kites for four line flying fun. The Hornet is a Quad line kite will help the entry level - intermediate level kite flyer to master their skills before moving on to other kiting adventures. The Hornet for 2017 has new color schemes and will be a kite that you will always keep in your kite quiver even after you have moved on to more advanced kites. Easy to learn on and very responsive. My kids learned the basics of traction kite sports of buggy and landboard with a Hornet.
Big Mike's Kites

Solid power

The Hornet is called a ‘power’ kite for a reason!

Even in light winds, flying the Hornet is quite an exercise for your arms, legs and upper torso, in higher winds it will prove to be a very potent engine that will easily get you going in all forms of land based traction kite sports. Its refined canopy and minimized bridle make for a smooth & dependable kite that handles well. Even in gusty conditions, there are no sudden power build-ups when flying the Hornet through the wind window, making the kite very reliable and predictable.

The  Peter Lynn Hornet comes in various sizes.  The package comes complete with everything you need to fly:

Power Kite Package:

The Hornet is delivered as a complete package, containing:

  • Hornet kite
  • Hornet bag
  • 4-line handles
  • Colour coded, durable Dyneema® flying lines with stitched sleeves
  • Safety system
  • Ground stake
  • 4-line bridled foil manual

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