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Cross Kites Quattro Red

Cross Kites Quattro Power Kite

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Cross Kites is a brand distributed by the people who distribute Peter Lynn Kites. They know kites! Recently introduced, the Quattro is a 4 line fixed bridle kite at a much more attractive price than ALL other kite brands. Test flying the Quattro has proved that it is a nice kite. Price savings comes from less advanced fabrics. Dyneema line is standard for this kite

"The Quattro is a pleasant kite to fly. It is durable and the color schemes are great. If you are not sure about power kites, this kite will introduce you to the sport and let you bang it around before you commit to a more mainstream brand." - Mike


• Polyester ripstop nylon

• Size 1.8: 4x18m (60ft) Dyneema line 75/200kp (160/440lb)

• Size 2.1: 4x18m (60ft) Dyneema line 75/200kp (160/440lb)

• Size 2.5: 4x18m (60ft) Dyneema line 75/200kp (160/440lb)

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