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Buggy Kites

Buggy Kites are kites that are suited to providing the power needed to ride a kite buggy.  Not all kites can be used in a buggy.  Kite buggy kites are listed below.

Peter Lynn Hornet - The Hornet is a generalist kite.  it does a lot of different things OK.  The hornet is a good place to start if you are new to kite buggying. 

Peter Lynn Voltage -  The Voltage is another generalist kite that does many things.   But its shape lends it to being an excellent buggy kite.  If you need something that will do more than one thing,  the Voltage is the best I have found in a fixed bridle kite.

Peter Lynn Reactor -  The Reactor is designed as a buggy kite.  It has real power in the seat and is easy to control for an advanced kite.  You must keep some brake on the kite as its speed will overshoot the wind window if you aren't paying attention.  Once you dial it in,  you will rarely buggy with any other kite.  This is one of my kites of choice for the buggy.

Peter Lynn Vapor -  Insane speed and high cost.  This race kite holds the speed record on a buggy at over 84 mph.  Expensive,  but if you want speed,  this is where it is at.

Cross Kites Sonic -  An older version of the Vapor,  Cross kites and Peter Lynn are distributed by the same company.   I enjoy the Cross kite Sonic...especially its lower price point.