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Peter Lynn Buggy Video

Here is a new video of a Peter Lynn Kite Buggy and Peter Lynn Hornet for power.   Note that this is a pretty skilled guy to get to stay on the path and not stray into the weeds,  ditch,  hill,  or Barbed Wire fence!

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Cool Weather is Here

4 Line Kite Big Mikes Kites Peter Lynn Power Kite Sale

Cooler weather is finally here.   Time to get your kites out and have some fun.   For a limited number of people,  you can get 15% off a IN STOCK Peter Lynn Kite.  The Next 3 people using 'THREE' for a coupon code at checkout will receive the discount on the Peter Lynn Kites in their shopping cart.

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Revolution Reflex is at Big Mikes Kites

4 Line Kite Big Mikes Kites Quad Line kite Quad Line stunt kite Reflex Rev Kites Revolution Kite Revolution Reflex Stunt Kite

The all new Revolution Reflex has landed at my door.   I did a quick initial video of it and it is another great kite from Revolution Kites.  Smooth flying and just a tad tamer than other revolution kites,  it is perfect for most flyers and beginner level flyers.   You wont miss any of the action with this kite over other revolution kites.  I prefer the more laid back flying style to some of the quicker twitchier Rev kites. Beginner or Intermediate flyers will enjoy this kite.   It has great styling as well. For the first 4 pilots to order a...

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CUSTOMER REVIEW - Peter Lynn Twister 4.0

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Peter Lynn Twister 4.0 I received the twister 4M on Monday from you and finally got it in the air last night.  The wind was averaging about 4-5 and gusting to about 7-8.  I really didn’t think it would fly very well and boy was I wrong.  I had a blast!  I’ve never been pulled around by a kite like that before.  A friend of mine had a new tensor 4.0 that he flew yesterday as well, I didn’t think it had anywhere near the pull the twister did.   He was struggling to keep it in the...

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New Peter Lynn Kites are in

The new Peter Lynn Kites are in for the Hornet and the Twister.  These are new color schemes that look great.  There are also new colors for the Hype and the Impulse.   Though I have a large supply of the old colors left and I wont be replacing those until this stock is gone.  Same kite. Completely NEW is the skim.  The skim is a water based kite.  it will be out in the next month or so...just in time for summer.

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