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CUSTOMER REVIEW - Peter Lynn Twister 4.0

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Peter Lynn Twister 4.0

I received the twister 4M on Monday from you and finally got it in the air last night.  The wind was averaging about 4-5 and gusting to about 7-8.  I really didn’t think it would fly very well and boy was I wrong.  I had a blast!  I’ve never been pulled around by a kite like that before.  A friend of mine had a new tensor 4.0 that he flew yesterday as well, I didn’t think it had anywhere near the pull the twister did.   He was struggling to keep it in the air while the twister was yanking my fat butt all over that field.   I have to say it was quite the workout also.  About every ten minutes or so I had to stop and take a breather.  Just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation and quick service.  I’ll be back as a customer for sure!



Martin J


Here is the link to the Peter Lynn Twister Power Kite Lineup



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  • MIke Newman on

    I’ve had the hornet 4m for a month now and this kite has been killer! It is such a blast to fly. Winds have been hit or miss in my neck of the woods but every chance I get I fly. This is my first quad line and it has been a learning experience and exciting to progress and be more and more comfortable piloting this amazing kite. Anyone debating on if they should get a hornet or not I will attest that it’s capable of doing anything you want and don’t let it fool you it pulls like a truck when you want it. Thanks Mike for all the help and you’ll always have my business!

    Mike N.

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