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Big Sale

We needed rain....but

I was supposed to be at the Dallas Trinity Wind Festival today, but copious amounts of rain have put a stop to this event. Therefore….I’m sitting on a mountain of kites I just purchased for this event that I need to pay for.

So I am having a huge sale on some items. Other items can be had, but all I have is my inventory sheet.

All prices are marked down as shown on my bargain basement page. Do not include tax or shipping unless otherwise noted. Rarely will these be t...his low again.

Here is the link to the page.

There are SINGLE LINES small to LARGE.
Two Line Kites
Four Line Kites

Outstanding me for ANYTHING ELSE. All IN STOCK
Single Line kites a minimum of 20% off marked price.
Two Line Kites 15% off minimum.
3-4 Line kites 15% off minimum.

Send me an email.
I do not sell through facebook.

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