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Cooler weather finally here

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In Texas,  Summer is my least favorite time to kite.  Just this week,  the temperatures have dropped below 90 degrees.  the winds are up and its time to get back out there and fly some kites.  For great family fun,  I recommend the Peter Lynn Hype.   its a 2 line kite that is very forgiving and just fun to fly.  The best combination to buy if buying more than one is the Hype 2.6 and the Hype TR 1.9.   With the 2.6 you get the padded wrist straps which is a bonus.  The 1.9 TR comes with the bar.   you can interchange straps for the bar and fly either kite off of either control method.  For younger fliers,  the Hype TR 1.6 is the way to go.  I would purchase a pair of straps to go with it and once you graduate from the bar,  you can get a little more action out of the straps.

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