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New Kites for Spring

Peter Lynn has announced their new color schemes for some of their kite lineup.  I have these on order and expect to get them mid April, 2016.  The link for review is here.

The color patterns are quite different from the past model kites.  At first,  I wasn't thrilled with them,  but after a few looks,  I find them quite appealing.   The first batch will be extremely limited in availability.   I am replacing the current version of kites on my site with these once my stock runs out on the current model (which are reduced).   You will notice this on the Twister and the hornet kite models.

Also NEW in the lineup is the Peter Lynn Skim.  The skim is a water trainer kite similar to a hornet but capable of flying in the water.   It is with a bar to represent best how a kiteboarding kite will handle.  I will have a few of these coming in as well in the 3.4 and 4m sizes at first.  The HQ Hydra is the only competing model for this kite.  The hydra has always been a fan favorite and if you go to the beach or lake at all,  the Peter Lynn Skim water relaunchable kiteboarding trainer kite would be a great addition to your quiver.


If you want one of the new models (prices are near the same...some less, some more,  but only by a few dollars) you need to order them off my site.   If it is a size not listed yet on my site,  that means I still have current models in stock.  I can bring you in the new color in that size,  but you must email me before they arrive in Holland THIS MONTH so I can get the color you want.