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At Big Mikes Kites,  We strive to provide enough information for you to choose the best kite for your needs.  We offer a full range of Power Kites and Traction kites from  Peter Lynn,  HQ, Cross Kites and SkyDog.  We offer premium Stunt kites from Revolution kites, Prism and Skydog Kites.   We Fly what we sell and do video reviews when possible.  Like my facebook page and come back and use Facebook for a coupon code at checkout will get 7% OFF your in stock purchase. This sport has so many exciting parts to it that you could be occupied for a lifetime of fun. There are kites for all ages and skill levels.  If you cannot decide,  email me with what you are looking for and I will help guide you for your needs.  Currently I have most in stock items on sale.  You may always put 'BigMike' in for a coupon code for an additional savings all the time on any product.   Also,  when review products,  please go all the way down the page to review all information including videos about the product.


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